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Veronica/Logan Shippers
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Welcome to the Veronica/Logan Shippers community!

about the community

Fanfiction, icons, speculation, spoilers, and anything else related to Veronica / Logan are encouraged!

Be sure to check the community memories for all of the relevant Veronica/Logan posts around LJ. If you have a post that has not been logged to memories and is something Veronica/Logan-related - feel free to e-mail me and I'll add it.


+ No introductory posts. Instead, introduce yourself in the context of a larger post.

+ Spoilers for future episodes must be LJ-cut. Any posts regarding the current episode of VM should be cut until 24 hours after it airs - meaning Thursdays at 9pm.

+ Long posts and large pictures should be placed behind an LJ-cut.

+ No flame wars. Please respect one another.


This community is currently maintained by: pixxiespymagic and bolton.

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